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No matter what stage of family or couple life you’re in, your relationships may have challenges, triggers, and obstacles. Disharmony, conflict, and feeling stuck can threaten your sense of connection and well-being. This applies to couples, parents and children, and all the people in your life who really matter. By identifying events, emotional and personal triggers, and patterns that disrupt your relationships, I will facilitate a relationship “redesign” that will change the dynamic, strengthen those connections, and allow for new ways of relating to each other.


Hi, I'm Tracy Ross

Tracy Ross

I give couples and families the tools they need to find their way back to connection.

For over 30 years, Tracy has been working with couples at all phases of their relationships including pre-marriage and post-divorce. In addition, Tracy has a strong focus and expertise in adult family therapy, particularly in the area of family cut-offs, and redesigning and healing adult family relationships. Tracy’s specialties include parenting, discernment counseling, adult family relationships, collaborative divorce, and sex therapy. She has advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Gottman Method, Bowenian Family Therapy, EMDR, and Relational Sex Therapy.

Latest Events & Speaking Engagements



How Did I Even Marry My Ex?

Tracy appeared on the Divorce etc. with the "ex" Experts on January 15, 2024.

Click here to listen to the podcast.


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The Complicated World of Family Cutoffs

Family estrangement is extremely widespread, affecting millions of people regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or class. As therapists, whether we are working with individuals, couples, or families, the pain and impact is something we regularly encounter in our clinical work. Often there is internal conflict, particular meaning attached to the loss of the relationship(s), and inter-generational damage, that seeps into current relationships. With a deeper understanding of the causes, impact, and paths to repair, we as therapists can intervene to create lasting change and support individuals and families in finding a path forward. Tracy Ross and Judy Aronowitz will take a deep dive into this phenomenon and look at the genogram of a family in order to deepen our understanding of the clinical material and examine the personal, relational, inter-generational, and multi-cultural aspects of this phenomena. Click here to learn more.

Discernment Counseling


Family Law & Discernment Counseling

On October 13, 2023 Tracy gave a presentation on Discernment Counseling to a leading law firm that specializes in family law.

How I help couples, families & businesses redesign their relationships

Couples Counseling

For most people, a loving and supportive primary romantic relationship is one of the biggest factors contributing to personal fulfillment. Yet many married or long-term partners struggle to attain relationship nirvana. Instead, they find themselves languishing in lonely or disconnected relationships. Fighting that can’t be resolved, growing apart, distance, and strained intimacy; these are the issues that most often bring couples into therapy.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a powerful process that doesn’t single one person out. Instead, it examines the family as an ecosystem where one person’s actions can create a new dynamic for the whole. During family therapy, members learn how to redesign their relationships to foster stronger connections, build better communication skills, navigate crises, and create more harmony in the home. Family therapy can be helpful at any stage in the life cycle.

Discernment Counseling

Discernment Counseling is a process that helps clarify a direction for your relationship. When one person is leaning out, thinking the marriage is over and heading for divorce, and the other person is leaning in, still invested and trying to save the marriage, it’s likely that as a couple you’re experiencing a standstill and feeling stuck. Discernment Counseling is a short-term process that helps couples decide on a path for moving forward, be it together or apart.

Collaborative Divorce & Parenting Plans

Counseling and consulting for uncoupling.

When you’ve finally decided to call it quits, you need support to transition your union from that of a romantic couple to “business partners” and co-parents. And when divorcing couples have children together, many critical decisions will need to be made in order to spare the children unnecessary emotional trauma. Collaborative divorce aims to see you through the emotional turmoil of divorce and make uncoupling as civil and amicable as possible.

Redesigning Business Relationships

The success of businesses, from fresh start-ups to established companies, relies heavily on the quality of relationships between business partners and colleagues. The effectiveness of these relationships can be the deciding factor between a thriving enterprise and a failed venture. Tracy's expertise can guide you through this critical aspect of your business.

Speaking Engagements

Inspiring Change Through Speaking Engagements.

Tracy Ross brings her rich experience and nuanced understanding of relationships to her speaking engagements, offering insight that is both profound and practical. Her wide range of expertise provides unique perspectives on the challenges and opportunities inherent in all kinds of relationships, both personal and professional.

Training, Workshops & Courses

Tracy Ross

Redesigning Family Dynamics: Course for Therapists & Clinicians

Expand your practice with short-term adult family therapy.

Discover fresh perspectives and practical skills that you can use today to help your clients improve their family relationships and get meaningful results.  Introducing “Redesigning Family Dynamics” -

A live, online experience that includes theory, experiential practice, and a protocol for working with families. The course is live, so we are only opening it for a small group of clinicians.

Tracy Ross

Discover Workshops, Events & Specialized Group Classes

In addition to couples and family therapy, Tracy’s specialties include discernment counseling, parent coaching, sex therapy, collaborative divorce, and family estrangement. Tracy also designs and delivers custom workshops for a variety of audiences.

Relationship Resources, Articles & News

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