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Family Therapy

Family therapy can be helpful at any stage in the life cycle

Family therapy is a powerful process that doesn’t single one person out. Instead, it examines the family as an ecosystem where one person’s actions can create a new dynamic for the whole. During family therapy, members learn how to redesign their relationships to foster stronger connections, build better communication skills, navigate crises, and create more harmony in the home.

I work with adult children - adult siblings and their parents, adult siblings without their parents, any configuration of family members who want to repair family of origin relationships and find new ways of moving forward. .


Patterns get ingrained over years and years and the family ends up relating in a certain way. Family roles, dynamics, and expectations can be hard to break out of.

Adult children may distance or even cut off contact entirely because the relationship feels unbearable. This isn’t really a solution. No one heals or is at peace when they aren’t speaking.

Maybe there’s a grandchild and the adult child is torn between wanting their kids to know their parents but not feeling they can have a relationship with the same old dynamics.


Opening up a conversation that won’t fall into the same web is almost impossible without intervention.


In my work with adult children and their parents we redesign the relationships and foster new ways of interacting and communicating.


Families can re-connect without falling into the old well-worn painful and frustrating patterns. With younger children parents often struggle with setting limits, managing technology and other stressors of modern life, and wanting a more harmonious dynamic in the home.


Family therapy facilitates a new conversation, a new way of being together that will change the old patterns and create a family dynamic that works better for both parents and children.

Image by Roberto Nickson

Let's start your journey to building a stronger family unit...

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