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Short-Term Adult Family Therapy



Discover fresh perspectives and practical skills that you can use today to help your clients improve their family relationships and get meaningful results. 


“Redesigning Family Dynamics” 


An online experience that includes theory, experiential practice, and a protocol for working with families. 

Requests for therapists who can work with adult families are at an all-time high!

Time at home together, separation, and other challenging circumstances pushed family dynamics front and center.  Long-ignored issues that were easily avoided in pre-pandemic life were suddenly intensified and spotlighted.

Many families are now asking for help dealing with situations like: ​

  • Family cut-offs & estrangement

  • Close family members going through a crisis or life change, which is affecting the whole family

  • Long-standing family dynamics that rose to the surface during the pandemic

  • Unresolved dynamics between siblings

  • Romantic relationships that create a wedge with the rest of the family

  • ‘Failure to launch’ – young adults who have difficulty becoming independent

  • Empty nest syndrome

This brings a whole new set of challenges even for experienced clinicians: ​

  • Navigating and processing family dynamics without causing rifts or further damage

  • Managing intense emotions during sessions

  • Overall confidence in working with more than one person “in the room”

Traditionally, the route to learning these techniques was post-graduate specialized training. 

But how can you help your clients now, instead of waiting to get trained for at least two more years?


Fortunately, more people are seeking help. 

Family therapy however, is complex and challenging. Unlike individual therapy, working with families requires a systemic perspective, which follows the principle “What you do affects me”.

Redesigning Family Dynamics is for you if you’ve felt the frustration of wanting to do family work but not knowing where to begin. This unique course teaches clinicians a groundbreaking method developed with the guidance of renowned family therapist Monica McGoldrick.


This course is for you if you’re ready to:

Expand your clinical skills so that you feel comfortable working with adult families.

Learn the foundations of systems theory and how it applies to family work.

Learn to construct a genogram and how to use it in the therapy.

Get access to specific tools for working with families and practice with experiential group exercises.

Intervene with clients to create  impact  instead of spending time on ineffective methods.

Expand your practice by adding family therapy.

What you will learn

A Word from the Course Creators

We developed this program at the height of the pandemic, a time when more and more families were experiencing a resurfacing of old dynamics that were disrupting current relationships. As a result, we took a deep dive into family therapy, both theory and practice.


In the creation of this course we revisited all the material we could get our hands on, both old and new, while working closely with Monica McGoldrick, a major pioneer in the field and a direct disciple of Murray Bowen.


While many of our colleagues are highly skilled individual and couples’ therapists, we realized that few have the experience and confidence to work with adult families. As a result, we developed the course we wish we had taken. 


We are very excited to be offering this to you.

This course is conducted over 4 virtual sessions and it includes theory, practice, and cheat sheets you can use every time you have a family session.


We teach the course ourselves and only accept a small group of students so that we can make sure we can give you our undivided attention during the 4 weeks of training.


We hope to meet you soon!

– Tracy and Judi

About Tracy and Judi

Tracy Ross

Meet Tracy

Tracy K. Ross has been a couples and families therapist in NYC for over 30 years. With graduate degrees from Columbia University and Fordham University, Tracy is a licensed clinical social worker, organizational psychologist, certified discernment counselor, and collaborative divorce coach. She completed post-graduate training at the Ackerman Institute’s family & couples externship program.Tracy has a private practice in the West Village and for the past 10 years has also worked as a faculty member on the Resilient Families/Special Needs Kids Project at the Ackerman Institute for the Family. She lives in NYC with her family.​

Judith Aronowitz

Meet Judi

Judi Aronowitz has been working with couples and families to strengthen relationships and create close communicative bonds for the past 15 years. Judi is a graduate of The Ackerman Institute for the Family Externship Program and holds a certificate in working with children and adolescents from NIP. Additional positions include: Licensed Registered Nurse in Pediatrics; Sr. Social Worker, Supervisor; Beth Israel /Mt Sinai Child and Adolescent Outpatient Department. She is a certified discernment counselor.Judi has a private practice in downtown Manhattan and for the past 10 years has worked as a faculty member on the Resilient Families /Special Needs Project at the Ackerman Institute for the Family. She lives in NYC with her Family.

“The Redesigning Family Relationships course was very helpful. I have a mixed practice delivering both individual and family therapy, the course greatly strengthened my ability to focus on the systems approach when dealing with families, and avoid interventions more suited to individual therapy. The case studies included in the course were vividly detailed. Participation in class discussions was lively and encouraged. The various techniques for interviewing the family were provided, and genograms were used to reveal data that would not necessarily emerge in interviews.The course gave me a renewed confidence in my ability to provide effective family therapy and enthusiasm for doing so.”

— Walter Masterson, LCSW

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