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Collaborative Divorce

Aims to see you through the emotional turmoil of divorce and make uncoupling as civil and amicable as possible.

When you’ve finally decided to call it quits, you need support to transition your union from that of a romantic couple to “business partners” and co-parents.


And when divorcing couples have children together, many critical decisions will need to be made in order to spare the children unnecessary emotional trauma.

The Collaborative route offers couples a respectful, dignified approach that preserves rather than destroys. Minimizing acrimony greatly reduces the emotional trauma families experience during a divorce.


In the collaborative process a team of mental health, legal, and financial professionals help divorcing couples resolve their differences fairly and equitably without resort or threat of resort to the courts.

Parenting Plans for Divorcing Couples

  • As divorcing parents, how and when do you tell your children about the divorce?

  • What will the division of parenting time look like, including weekdays, weekends, holidays, summers, and vacations?

  • How will you make decisions as co-parents?

  • How and when do you introduce a new love interest?


The parenting plan helps you get clear on expectations and anticipate future potential landmines, giving shape to your new status as co-parents.


Parenting plans that are detailed, well thought out and the result of input from both parents, greatly increase the likelihood of a harmonious post-divorce life.

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Let's start your journey to harmonious co-parenting ...

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