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Transform you couple's communication


Guiding your clients through difficult conversations in couples therapy

Couples often come to us after years of strained communication. They avoid difficult conversations fearing they will only lead to volatility, distance, and pain. Therapists can unwittingly get caught in the cycle with the couple, focusing on content rather than on the emotions and experiences of each partner.

In this webinar we cover techniques that create a safe environment for having difficult conversations, and how you can guide your couples to communicate in a way that will allow them to feel heard and understood.

Distinguish between content and emotions in the couples’ interactions and guide couples to express primary emotions in order to be more relationally connected.

Learn to identify the style and method they use to communicate which is preventing them from being understood and feeling connected.

Understand how to address the key emotions and avoid breakdowns in communication in order to interrupt the cycle of volatility and distance. 

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