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Speaking Engagements

Inspiring Change Through Speaking Engagements

Tracy Ross brings her rich experience and nuanced understanding of relationships to her speaking engagements, offering insight that is both profound and practical. Her wide range of expertise provides unique perspectives on the challenges and opportunities inherent in all kinds of relationships, both personal and professional.

Speaking Engagement: Family Law and Discernment Counseling

One of Tracy's upcoming engagements is with a leading law firm that specializes in family law. The focus of this discussion will be discernment counseling, a relatively new service that is especially helpful for couples on the brink - those who aren't sure if they want to stay together or separate.  Tracy's extensive experience with these couples will help attorneys gain valuable insight into this method and understand which of their clients might benefit from discernment counseling, thus leading to more informed and compassionate counsel and potentially better outcomes for their clients.

Tracy Ross

For professional audiences

  • Facilitating difficult conversations in couples’ therapy

  • Family cut-offs and family estrangement

  • Discernment counseling

  • Redesigning interpersonal relationships

Tracy Ross

For anyone

  • Relationship challenges throughout the life span

  • Family estrangement - understanding and healing adult family relationships

  • Women’s friendships - when to heal and when to let go

  • Discernment counseling - getting ‘unstuck’ and deciding whether or not it’s time to call it quits

See below the various ways Tracy Ross can add value to your event.

Start-ups and Businesses

Tracy can help organizations understand the importance of relationship dynamics in the workplace, offering advice on how to foster positive, productive relationships and navigate challenges in business partnerships.

Mental Health and Social Work Organizations

With her background in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Gottman Method, EMDR, and Relational Sex Therapy, Tracy can provide lectures or workshops to professionals in these fields, sharing advanced techniques and her unique approach to therapy.

Divorce Support Groups or Family Law Practices

Tracy's expertise in collaborative divorce and discernment counseling provides valuable insight and tools for both individuals navigating the complex emotional terrain of separation, as well as for the professionals assisting them. 

Parenting Groups & Education Institutes

Drawing from her work in family therapy and  parenting advice, Tracy offers workshops and talks to parents, teachers, and educational professionals on building effective communication with children and fostering strong family relationships. 

By hosting Tracy Ross as a speaker, organizations can offer their members access to her wealth of knowledge and practical advice, inspiring change and growth in their personal and professional relationships.

Recent Speaking Engagements


The Complicated World of Family Cutoffs: Causes, Interventions and a Deeper Understanding

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Family estrangement is extremely widespread, affecting millions of people regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or class. As therapists, whether we are working with individuals, couples, or families, the pain and impact is something we regularly encounter in our clinical work. Often there is internal conflict, particular meaning attached to the loss of the relationship(s), and inter-generational damage, that seeps into current relationships. With a deeper understanding of the causes, impact, and paths to repair, we as therapists can intervene to create lasting change and support individuals and families in finding a path forward.

Tracy Ross and Judy Aronowitz take a deep dive into this phenomenon and look at the genogram of a family in order to deepen our understanding of the clinical material and examine the personal, relational, inter-generational, and multi-cultural aspects of this phenomena.



How Did I Even Marry My Ex?

Tracy Appeared on the Divorce ETC podcast

Tracy was recently the featured guest on T.H. Irwin and Jessica Herzberg's popular podcast.
Click here to listen in.



AI + Social Media + Kids
What You Need To Know

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On November 8, 2023 Tracy was a panelist and featured expert in this powerful conversation and discussion tailored for parents of tweens and teens. Insights into the nuanced experiences of today's youth and the effective strategies to foster open, understanding conversations with your children. We aim to empower parents to navigate these delicate subjects with empathy, ensuring our kids feel seen, heard, and supported.

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Family Law & Discernment Counseling

Tracy presented Discernment Counseling to a NYC law firm that specializes in family law. This relatively new service is designed for couples on the brink - those who aren't sure if they want to stay together or separate.  It is of particular interest to divorce attorneys as they frequently encounter clients who aren’t certain if the best path forward is divorce or a final attempt at reconciliation. Tracy shared her extensive experience, helping attorneys gain valuable insight into this method and an understanding of which of their clients might benefit from the process; the ultimate goal being a clear and confident decision about the future of their marriage.  In the event that their clients do decide to proceed with divorce the discernment counseling contributes to making that process less litigious and more collaborative.

Discernment Counseling

WORKSHOP - Oct 13, 2023

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists 

Tracy Ross and Judi Aronowitz, creators of the Redesigning Family Relationships Course, presented a workshop on Family Estrangement to marriage and family therapists at CAMFT.

Family Enstrangement
Strong like a Mama

SPEAKING EVENT - July 27, 2023

Featuring Guest Speaker Tracy Ross

Strong Like A Mama is an annual event intended to inspire, empower, and connect working mothers. An energizing panel of speakers, as well as movement and mindfulness workshops, will refresh our bodies and clear our minds. 

July 27th 2023, Wythe Hotel Brooklyn 



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